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What is 360° Panorama

  • Panorama is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space here today, or a three-dimensional model.
  • Spherical panorama movies (that incorporate a full 180° vertical viewing angle as well as 360° around) must be made by stitching multiple images. Stitching images together can be used to create extremely high resolution gigapixel panoramic images.
  • 360° panoramas is one of the most engaging and effective selling tools on the web for user interaction.
  • 360° panoramas is more than just a photograph, a 360 image is an opportunity to experience an environment almost as if you’re there.
  • 360° panoramas are the top of the line which not only capture the 360-degree field of view but in which you can also look up and down. They can even be taken in a way that you can’t see the tripod nor the photographer’s shadow in the picture.
  • Through 360 degree panorama we feeling physically we are in there.
  • User friendly, interaction possible by 360. Like we can zoom in and zoom out… etc

View examples here