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St Sebastian Church Thodupuzha

The history of Thodupuzha parish began with the establishment of Thenamkunnu church. It was 155 years ago that in the historically important Thenamkunnu a church was built in the name of St Michael, the protector of Christian faith. It had been the token of the strong belief and the hard work of our forefathers. It still beckons us gently to the protection and blessings of St Michael.

Our forefathers had been the members of the Chungam church under Varappuzha Vicariate. They felt the urgent need for a new church for the people inhabiting the northern parts of the place. When the bishop of Varappuzha came on a visit to Chungam church a delegation of the people met him and expressed the desire to have their own new church. He selected two members from the delegation and took them to Varappuzha. They were sent back with a blessed statue of St Michael, a donation of Rupees 350 and the permission to build a new church. It is that statue that we still find above the altar in Thenamkunnu church

Thenamkunnu probably got its name because it was an area where thina was cultivated. The land for the church was donated by the famous Nair family called Mundakkal of Manakkadu. They also gave other helps for the construction of the church. As a token of gratitude, that family is given anchekal and koppu as part of the main festival at Thenamkunnu church. In due course the new church was built with the determination and selfless hard work of our forefathers, the co-operation of the people of all walks and the boundless blessings of the Lord. Thus the people of the northern parts had their own church, a centre of hope and blessing.

When the parish community grew in numbers, a bigger church became necessary. Thus, Mar Mathew Pothanammoozhy, the bishop of Kothamangalam, laid the foundation stone for a new church in the name of St Sebastian on 6 November 1960. It was Rev Fr Paulose Tharaniyil who bought the land for the church and who started the work on the church. Rev Fr George Monippally who succeeded him finished the building up to the roof. The building was completed in 1971 by Rev Fr Isaac Kapyarumalayil. The new church was consecrated on 12 December 1971 by Mar Mathew Pothanammoozhy. There it stands proudly as the symbol of faith for all the people of Thodupuzha.
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